Hi! My name Is Rachael Dawson and I love to bake!

“I created Lots of Cookie Ingredient Jars, Cake & Cookie Mixes because I love baking. I love deciding what to bake. I love the measuring and mixing of ingredients. I love the rolling of cookies or the pressing of slices. I love the smell of baking in the oven and I really love eating and sharing the divine baking that I have made”.

When I would share my baking with friends and family, they would always comment on how they never seemed to have enough time to bake. I decided to find a way to recreate beautiful homemade baking in other people’s homes and came up with a perfect idea of pre-measured ingredient jars. This idea worked so well in my own home and then as gifts for friends and family. Now I want to share my unique, decadent and delicious “Lots of” cookie jars with you. My team and I assemble the jars with the freshest of ingredients in registered food premises in Wanganui, then lots of care and attention is put into decorating and labeling them so they are perfect when they are sent out to you. We are sure you will love and enjoy them as much as we do.” Check the full range here!

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