Hi, I’m Rachael. It’s time to make home baking easy again

Rachael Dawson - Lots Of Baking Mixes

Home baking is the perfect way to relax. Taking time to slow down, be present in the moment and create connections with family and friends. And the product of your relaxation is so tasty!

Home baking is a great way to inspire and connect with kids. Passing on the memories we have of baking at home or creating moments of joy with our kids and grandkids.

And with home baking you’re in control of the ingredients, making all-natural, additive-free easy recipes.

At Lots of Baking Mixes, we believe time, confidence and access to the right ingredients shouldn’t stand between you and enjoying delicious, old-fashioned, all-natural home baking.

When I created Lots of Baking Mixes, I wanted people to have fun and gain the confidence to get fantastic results with every recipe they bake without spending lots of time in the kitchen.

I’m a baking addict and love sharing my baking with family and friends. And they would comment on how they loved home baking but never seemed to have enough time to bake themselves, had never learned the skills to bake or didn’t have the desire to drag out all the ingredients to bake from scratch.

An idea was forming in my mind to find a way to recreate beautiful homemade baking in other people’s homes with ease.

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Ideas started being thrown around with my husband Vaughan and our kids, when I could grab their attention by presenting biscuits from a new recipe or a piece of freshly baked cake.

For six years now, my team and I have assembled the baking mixes and ingredient jars with the freshest of ingredients in our registered A Grade food premises in Wanganui.

We spend time decorating and labelling them with lots of care and attention so they are perfect when they’re sent out to you. We’re sure you’ll love and enjoy them as much as we do. 

We’re proud that we’re 100% family-owned and operated in  Wanganui, New Zealand. Helping happy families and friends share great-tasting Kiwi home baking. 

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