Christmas Gifts – give a gift that is unique!

All of our products make fantastic Christmas gifts.  From a single jar to our 3 Jar Wooden Box giftset and every product in between. There are lots of choices here, you can mix and match different options in the online store, choose a mixture of different cookie jar flavours, select the colour ribbon and select a card.

These gifts are suitable for anyone you would like a gift for, adults and children adore them. Who doesn’t like fresh home baking? So easy to prepare and bake that depending on age of the child, they can bake by themselves with little fuss in the kitchen. Adults love them too as they are so delicious.


Our giftsets are also very popular with Corporates that gift to clients for different occasions throughout the year.  We can work with you to include your branding with ribbon colours and/or branded wooden boxes.  We are also happy to include a hand written card and send direct to your clients for you. Contact us to let us know how we can help.