Lollycake Baking Mix


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Who doesn’t like Lollycake? Famous in New Zealand, we’re definitely claiming the Lollycake as ours!

The Lollycake is a Kiwi refrigerator-cake, and so easy to make when all you need do is open the bag we prepared them in for you!

  • Try keeping away from the Fruit Puff lollies before they get in the cake!
  • Super-easy to make
  • Super- delicious to enjoy

Let us know when it’s ready and we’ll be right there!

Makes about 16 pieces (but you need only admit that it made 14)

If you order 10 or more Lollycake Baking Mixes you will automatically receive a 10% discount.


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Our Baking Mix ingredients: Malt biscuits, coconut & Fruit Puffs lollies

You will need to add: condensed milk & butter

Baking Instructions

Melt the butter in a bowl.  Add the condensed milk and mix.  Empty the lollies from the sachet onto a chopping board and cut into pieces.  Add to the butter mixture in bowl with the rest of the contents of the pouch and mix until combined.  Press mixture into a lined 22cm square tin and press to compact. Place in fridge to set.

Makes 16 pieces