What our customers are saying about Lots of Baking Mixes

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Great stuff. Ordered 3 mix packs.”

Aoife C. 

Date Loaf Baking Mix “So moist, so packed with flavour and spread with butter while warm yum…lasted 3 days. Nice cold as well.”

Donna W.

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Yummo. Great quality product.”

H C. 

Chocolate Brownie Baking Mix “Best Brownie ever. That brownie was spectacular. That did not long in our household that’s for sure. YUM!”

Jessica S.

Date Loaf Baking Mix “Getting all the ingredients you need to bake during a pandemic isn’t easy. Having all the dry ingredients I needed for my date loaf was a real boon. The process was so easy and the finished products delicious.”

Caroline M. 

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake “My absolute fave so far!!!!”

Leigh G.

Shortbread Baking Mix “I followed the recipe but I feel rather than roll into a log and slice I would roll out and cut with a cookie cutter.”

Maureen S. 

Mocha Brownie Mug Cake “These are to die for. Absolutely beautiful and dangerous too cos you could add ice cream and waalaa. Superb.”

Teresa L.

Rich Chocolate Cake Baking Mix “Chocolate Cake was easy to make and so quick to get in the oven. Even better it came out delicious!

Tanya A. 

Date Loaf Baking Mix “Absolutely delicious”

Barbara B.

Date Loaf Baking Mix “Yummy Yum Yum. My 6yr old son and I made this together and it was so good, it only lasted one day!

Wendy S. 

Afghans Baking Mix “Chocolately – good mix, held shape well”

Megan R.

Gingernuts Baking Mix “Yummo! Fantastic. Awsome to dunk with a cuppa.  Superb service. Definitely shop here again. Recipes easy and quick, great for working families and great for children. Family loved them. Thank you Lots of.”

Teresa L. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “A+++++ Absolutely LOVE our Lots of baking mixes!!! The kids find them super easy and its fun because Im not hovering over them while the spill half the flour everywhere and they arn’t having to wait while I premeasure everything out. rofl 100%

Krystal G.

Shortbread Baking Mix “Absolutely delicious and super easy to make.”

Samantha L. 

All the Cookies Pack “Absolutely Delicious.  Fantastic fast friendly service and easy delicious cookies Love it!”

Sharlene S.

Gingerbread-men Baking Mix “Very easy for kids to make on their own.”

Tracy S. 

Shortbread Baking Mix “YUMMY! The shortbread was fast and easy to make and tasted delicious.  My 10 year old made a batch for her teacher and she had no problem making them and her teacher rang to say how yummy they were!”

Tracey D.

Chocolate Fudge Cake Ingredient Jar “Just like Mum used to make.  So simple and easy. Took me back to my childhood.”

Nicola W. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “These mixes are fantastic.  The spiced apple cake is absolutely delish.”

Vicki L.

Afghan Cookies Ingredient Jar “A jar of yumminess. A truly magical way to bake a leisure and enjoy the results xx. This way is the only way.”

Marie V. 

Dog Bikkies Baking Mix “Really easy to make and our dogs love them.”

Tracy S.

Fudgie Chocolate Brownie Ingredient Jar “A Xmas present. Such an awesome idea.  Came beautifully wrapped and the receiver was totally stoked with the gift.  Thanks so much for making such beautiful products.”

Leanne C. 

Gingerbreadmen Cookies Ingredient Jar “The concept and product are really great, I wanted to get it for Miss 7 whoc lives in a distant city – and we often bake together.”

Joanne W.

Three Jar in a black bag giftset “A beautifully presented lovely gift to give family.”

Vilma S. 

Dog Bikkies Baking Mix “Our 8 year old Lab loves these bikkies, way better than the plastic like treat you buy at the shop.  Easy to whip up and make!  Super happy with them.”

Tracey D.

Dog Bikkies Baking Mix “A pawsome product!  Bentley and Holly absolutely love these biscuits.”

Tracey H. 

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake “Someone gave me a mug cake to try.  I was sceptical that something that takes 1 minute of prepartion and 1 minute in the microwave could be any good, but these things are amazing! We brought 12 more :).”

Philip S.

Gingerbreadmen Ingredient Jar “I love this product and I know the recipients will have a great time making them. Thanks.”

Linda F. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Excellent product and service.”

Sharon K.

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Highly recommend. Price is very good, delivery was fast, have made the Anzac biscuits so far and every raved about them.  So easy to make and a perfect result.”

Leanne F. 

Gingerbread-men Jar “Beautifully presented, easy to follow instructions, great tasting product at the end.”

Emma M.

Two Jar Black Bag Giftset “Lots of….biscuits waiting to be eaten!  Easy and tasty. A generous batch of beautiful cookies.”

Tineka M. 

Two Jar Wooden Box Giftset “Amazing present”

Hannah-Marie T.

Christmas Cookie Cutters & Shortbread Baking Mix “Melt in the mouth – made a huge amount, great value”

Nicola M. 

Three Jar Wooden Box Giftset “Our daughter’s kindergarten teachers thought this was an amazing gift.  One that can be consumed when they are ready – especially with the number of gifts they are given at this time of year. Beautifully presented x”

Jen R.

Yummy Cookies Giftset “Rewards of Yummy Goodies. Love your products, fantastic fun for all age groups, grandparents with their grandchildren and busy parents with young ones…no mess but all the rewards of yummy goodies.”

Linda F. 

Dog Bikkies Ingredient Jar “Fantastic service. Had some issues with courier.  As soon as I let them know a new one was on the courier the next morning and delivered the following day. Highly recommend. Thank you x”

Susan M.

Christmas Cookie Cutters “Was super excited when these arrived!”

Kirsten M. 

Flexi 3 pack Baking Mixes “So good! Fast delivery, packaged great, made some of the cookies last night and they were delicious and so easy! Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!”

S Nicole.

Baking Bonanza Full Range “So convenient. I love baking but have found it harder to find the time. Your baking mixes are not only quick and easy but they taste the same as I use to make myself.  Thank you for making my life that little bit easier.  I will definitely be back for more.”

Melissa M. 

Baking Bonanza Full Range “Deliciousness in a bag. So happy with this order – the chocolate cake was brillant….Biscuits YUM!”

Jacqueline P.

Baking Bonanza Full Range “Great idea. Love them, so easy to use and they taste great.”

Susan Y. 

All the Cookies Pack “Busy Nan for the holidays. Once again quick delivery and easy to use. Grandkids loved them”

Katrina L.

“Always love buying my baking mixes, super easy to order, super easy to bake (no mess lol), super friendly service. The only thing is the baking doesn’t last long!”

Tracey W. 

Chocolate Mug Cake  “So yummy and delicious on a cold winter day!  Will be ordering more in the future”

Cushla G.

Baking Bonanza Full Range “A Busy Mum’s Dream. I brought this out of curiosity and was totally blown away by the quality and easy to follow instructions.  The quick delivery was also a bonus”

Katrina L. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “My cookies were so delicious. Ready in minutes and super easy!”

 Chris W.

Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I ordered 8 jars of cookies at the start of the year and have used them as birthday presents as my daughter gets invited to soooo many parties – I’m about to place another order for myself and another mother too.

So easy to have a stock of these in the cupboard to use for each little girls birthday party – used two this weekend alone.

What little girl doesn’t like to bake? Everyone who sees them think they are such a great idea.”


“LOTS OF BAKING MIXES products are delicious and are beautifully presented. They make an ideal gift for any occasion or if you want to spoil yourself.

As a fundraiser they have been extremely popular. The products are delivered swiftly and Rachael is very helpful in regards to making it work for your specific group.

It is great that “Lots of”can help support our local community through helping them raise funds, in this case, students raising money for their Geography trips to the South Island and Gold Coast and in return we are helping a local business out.

If you are looking at different ways to raise funds, then this is a perfect way!”

Bevan Hunter – Teacher Wanganui High School

“Plunket Wanganui were thrilled to work with Lots of Baking Mixes as a Christmas 2013 fundraiser – great communication, speedy service and stunning products. It’s great to be able to support a local business that gives such fantastic value for money.”

Clare Marara – Wanganui Plunket

Date Loaf Baking Mix “They were a gift for my daughter in law. Quick and easy to make in lockdown while at home with young children.”

Maria G. 

Baking Bonanza Full Range “Easy and tasty. As someone who gets easily distracted and quite busy I found this was fantastic, easy to use and very tasty, Would highly recommend.”

Anna W. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Love the Gingerbread Loaf and the Anzac Biscuits.”

Christine M. 

All the Cookies Pack “Quick service and updates. Great product to gift for those in lockdown. Thank u.”

Michelle B. 

Chocolate Crunch Baking Mix “It was easy to mix and very tasty.”

Maureen S. 

Baking Bonanza Baking Mixes “Not tasted yet… but admired from afar! I brought this pack as a birthday treat for two teenagers in lockdown in another town. From the photos Im seeing, they’re baking up a storm! Great variety of goods, thanks Rachael”

Marilyn H. 

Date Loaf Baking Mix “Absolutely amazing, quick and easy and tasted devine. Loved the brown sugar over the top”

Glenna C. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Great mixes, easy to follow instructions and they taste amazing.”

Dallas T. 

Date Loaf Baking Mix “Delicious and easy to bake”

Dee S. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies “Turned out really good. Hubby loves them.”

Maureen S. 

Shortbread Baking Mix “I sent this as an Easter Gift to my Niece and nephew during lockdown!”

Kerri-Ann M. 

Rich Chocolate Cake Baking Mix “Beautiful cake – easy to bake and lovely to taste. Will buy again.”

Tanya A. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “The instructions are super easy to follow and make wonderful baked goods really easily.”

Jenny C. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Easy, simple and delicious. Love all of these products, so quick and easy to do. Love it.”

Natalie S. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Delicious and sooo easy. I’m not a baker but these mixes were so easy to bake with and the slices/buscuits were yummy.”

Anne J. 

Date Loaf Baking Mix “Satisfied. Extremely happy with my purchase.”

Samantha L. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Happy 1st time customer.  Delicious mixes that were easy to make, delicious and great serving sizes.  I will be trying some different mixes very soon. Speedy delivery.”

Stephanie G. 

Yummy Cookies Ingredient Jar “Absolutely lovely and amazing service xxx”

Jenny B. 

Gingerbreadmen Cookies Ingredient Jar “I brought this as a gift and think its a lovely present to receive.  So beautifully presented and the cooking instructions are very clear.”

Jessica R. 

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cakes “Great to have around for playdates!”

Tamara L. 

Two jars in a black bag giftset “Great gifts.”

Marie I. 

Two jars in a black bag giftset “Great value for money. First option available on Google, great selection of products & presentation options.  Very pleased with product, was a great birthday gift.  Am buying again soon.”

Leanne I. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mix “Great and quick shipping”

Gabby B. 

Two jars in a wooden box giftset “Love the presentation.  It is a gift and I know she will love it. Thank you.”

Diane Y. 

Mocha Brownie Mug Cake “My Favourite treat!  These are so easy to make and the most delicious treat!”


Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Delicious and reliable as always. Im recommending your mixes to everyone I know! Thanks for making my life easier.”

Tamara L. 

3 Jars in a wooden box giftset “Awesome presentation.  They are just beautiful, I cannot wait to give them as Christmas gifts.”

Anita N. 

Gingerbread-men Cookies Ingredient Jar “Lovely product.  Fast delivery and a lovely note arrived with products. Very happy and would recommend.”

Cheree D. 

Shortbread Baking Mix “Delicious!”

Bex L. 

Double Chocolate Cookies Ingredient Jar “Perfect gift idea! I brought eight of these for my son’s daycare teachers on his last day.  I ordered them on Saturday and they were here by Tuesday!  Excellent service, very efficient and they look amazing! The teachers were very impressed.  Will definitely be keeping them in mind for future gifts!”

Ashwina P. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Best thing to have in the cupboard.  So super easy to pull out of the cupboard and make with a few staple ingredients, always turn out perfect and taste amazing! Always love to stock up and have them handy.”

Natalie S. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes + Mug Cake “I brought these items for my baking-loving niece for her 11th birthday.  Im in Melbourne so always looking for gifts within NZ that I can easily order online and have delivered directly.  Lots of was a perfect find – quality products and reasonably priced so that I could buy a few items and not break the bank.  Rachael was very helpful and offered to pop a birthday message in the parcel as well.”

Philippa H. 

Dog Bikkies Baking Mix “Two very fussy Irish Setters who won’t eat commercial biscuits so tried these and Franesca Loces them, Fernando some times.  Need to check mix before adding wet ingredeints beause the beef stock was solid and did not mix in.”

Gayle S. 

Note: We have changed the way we package the beef stock in our mixes now because of Gayle’s feedback.  We now put the beef stock in a little cellophane bag to keep it airtight.

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter “The dog bone cookie cutter is so cute”

Tracey H. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “I love these products, make baking so much easier and I think its super affordable! Cheers Roz!”

Roslyn R. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “These kits are awesome for the kids. I no longer bake, I leave it to the kids and get to enjoy a much smaller cleanup and yummy treats!”

Bex L. 

Chocolate Brownie Baking Mix “This brownie is amazing! I took it away at Queen’s Birthday Weekend and 20 people loved it.”

Tracey H. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Love everything! The Brownie mix is perfect, everything is delicious.  Thank you so much. I will be ordering again”

Maraki K. 

Lots of Cookies Pack “Fast service, tasty cookies and so easy. Love them!”

Nicola W. 

Happy customer “Perfect! xx”

Jess S. 

Chocolate Chippie Biscuits. “Turned out fantastic and everyone loved them. Will definitely buy this one again. “

Joanna P. 

Two Jar black bag giftset “Great pressie. Presentation is fantastic – makes a great present.  Im grinning.”

Glenda M. 

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cakes “We’ve been buying lots of “Lots of” products. They are so convenient.  The kids love the mug cakes which they make themselves. We like the fact that they are wholesome without all that extra crap some commercial bakeries put into their mixes. “

Chris W. 

Two jars in a wooden box giftset “So happy with my purchase. Such amazing unique gifts.  Have recommended to everyone.”

Shon S. 

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cakes “Awesome. I am very happy with all I ordered as a surprise Xmas gift for my daughter who loves chocolate and loves to bake quick and easy cakes.  She is going to enjoy these very much. Thank you Rachael for your clever idea and prompt service “

Irene B. 

Two jar wooden box giftset “Fantastic. I ordered for Christmas gifts and there were a few. I wasn’t in a hurry but they arrived in quick time. They looked stunning and will be a great surprise as gifts. Thank you.”

Andrea L. 

Mocha Brownie Mug Cake “Sooo good. The Mocha Brownie is like heaven.  So easy to make”

R F. 

Baking Bonanza Full Range “What a treat. Beautiful product.  So easy and ready to get baking.”

Nicola W. 

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes “Once again beautiful homemade baking. “

Ruth P. 

Dog Bikkie Jar “Excellent. Love the jar and the cookie cutter to make my own dog bikkies.  Will be getting more. Thanks”

Jenna S. 

Yum Yum Yum “Desserts in a cup are a bit hit in our family as so are all the baking mixes.  Quick, easy and delicious “

Ruth P. 

Boiled Candy Jars “Perfect for our event”

Bronwyn M. 

“Super easy to order, delivered in days and super yummy when baked!! (:-) “

Jodi K. 

“Absolutely love this baking, its so easy. I’ve baked for forty years and think these are amazing, my children love baking with them as well!”

Ruth P. 

“I brought the Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake mix.  It was super quick to make and turned out perfectly.  Delivery was quick. I will definitely be buying more in the near future”

 Chris W. 

“We purchased a number of “lots of” gift sets recently for mid year corporate thank you’s. The variety of flavours enabled us to personalise each gift to the recipient’s taste. They looked attractive and travelled to their various NZ destinations well. We have had fantastic feedback as people have enjoyed turning their jars into edibles. We now have gifts for our son’s teachers and coaches sorted for the end of the year. Thanks ‘Lots of Baking Mixes’!”

Sharon B.