What our customers are saying about Lots of Baking Mixes

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes

“Great stuff. Ordered 3 mix packs.”

Aoife C.

Mocha Brownie Mug Cake

“Sooo good. The Mocha Brownie is like heaven. So easy to make”

R F.

Afghans Baking Mix

“Chocolately – good mix, held shape well”

Megan R.

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cakes

“We’ve been buying lots of “Lots of” products. They are so convenient. The kids love the mug cakes which they make themselves. We like the fact that they are wholesome without all that extra crap some commercial bakeries put into their mixes. “

Chris W.

Gingernuts Baking Mix

“Yummo! Fantastic. Awsome to dunk with a cuppa. Superb service. Definitely shop here again. Recipes easy and quick, great for working families and great for children. Family loved them. Thank you Lots of.”

Teresa L.

Two jar wooden box giftset

“Fantastic. I ordered for Christmas gifts and there were a few. I wasn’t in a hurry but they arrived in quick time. They looked stunning and will be a great surprise as gifts. Thank you.”

Andrea L.

Shortbread Baking Mix

“I followed the recipe but I feel rather than roll into a log and slice I would roll out and cut with a cookie cutter.”

Maureen S.

Mocha Brownie Mug Cake

“These are to die for. Absolutely beautiful and dangerous too cos you could add ice cream and waalaa. Superb.”

Teresa L.

Rich Chocolate Cake Baking Mix

“Chocolate Cake was easy to make and so quick to get in the oven. Even better it came out delicious!”

Tanya A.

Date Loaf Baking Mix

“Absolutely delicious”

Barbara B.

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake

“My absolute fave so far!!!!”

Leigh G.

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes

“Yummo. Great quality product.”

H C.


Date Loaf Baking Mix

“Getting all the ingredients you need to bake during a pandemic isn’t easy. Having all the dry ingredients I needed for my date loaf was a real boon. The process was so easy and the finished products delicious.”

Caroline M.

Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes

“A+++++ Absolutely LOVE our Lots of baking mixes!!! The kids find them super easy and its fun because Im not hovering over them while the spill half the flour everywhere and they arn’t having to wait while I premeasure everything out. rofl 100%”

Krystal G.

Shortbread Baking Mix

“YUMMY! The shortbread was fast and easy to make and tasted delicious. My 10 year old made a batch for her teacher and she had no problem making them and her teacher rang to say how yummy they were!”

Tracey D.

All the Cookies Pack

“Absolutely Delicious. Fantastic fast friendly service and easy delicious cookies Love it!”

Sharlene S.

Gingerbread-men Baking Mix

“Very easy for kids to make on their own.”

Tracy S.

Shortbread Baking Mix

“Absolutely delicious and super easy to make.”

Samantha L.

Baking Bonanza Full Range

“Deliciousness in a bag. So happy with this order – the chocolate cake was brillant….Biscuits YUM!”

Jacqueline P.

3 Jars in a wooden box giftset

“Awesome presentation. They are just beautiful, I cannot wait to give them as Christmas gifts.”

Anita N.

Chocolate Chippie Biscuits

“Turned out fantastic and everyone loved them. Will definitely buy this one again. “

Joanna P.

Two Jar black bag giftset

“Great pressie. Presentation is fantastic – makes a great present. Im grinning.”

Glenda M.

Mocha Brownie Mug Cake

“My Favourite treat! These are so easy to make and the most delicious treat!”


Flexi 3 Pack Baking Mixes

“Easy, simple and delicious. Love all of these products, so quick and easy to do. Love it.”

Natalie S.