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Welcome to Lots Of!

Hello! My name is Rachael Dawson – Welcome to Lots Of – the home of delicious all-but-baked mug cakes, cookies and cakes – made in our kitchen ready to be cooked in yours in just a few minutes. No mess, no ingredient stress, just mix, bake and eat – what could be easier!

I created Lots Of initially for families and friends who just don’t have the time to bake, but love freshly baked products. It was a great arrangement for all concerned because¬†I LOVE baking. I love measuring the ingredients, I love pressing the cookies, I TOTALLY love the smell of baking – baking is my happy place.

If that’s you, you are in the right place! My products make excellent gifts and super popular pantry items. Every ingredient is high quality – there are NO additives, NO emulsifiers, NO chemical based ingredients whatsoever. Scroll down to see the range, or click here to read about my Lots Of journey! I sincerely thank you for becoming part of it.

Enjoy x

Cookies & Cakes Ready to Bake

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What’s in our cookies and cakes? Just high-quality real ingredients.