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Who can resist freshly made, old-fashioned home baking?

When you want to enjoy freshly made, old fashioned home baking, but you’re short on time or your baking skills are more ‘Nailed It’ than ‘The Great Kiwi Bake Off’.

We’ve made it easy for you.

Baking mixes that make creating fresh home baking quick and simple

Welcome to Lots of Baking Mixes.

We believe time, confidence and access to the right ingredients shouldn’t stand between you
and enjoying delicious, old-fashioned, all-natural home baking.

Ready to bake cookie and cake mixes

Everything you need (all you need to do is add butter, egg, milk or fresh fruit) right there waiting for you. Saving you time, so you can easily add home baking into your weekly routines.

Classic, Kiwi favourite easy recipes

Family favourite recipes that inspire budding chefs and teaching new skills. Building your baking-confidence by giving you tried and tested old-fashioned Kiwi easy home baking recipes. 

All-natural, high-quality ingredients

Delicious, wholefood ingredients free from additive, emulsifiers and chemicals. If your Grandma didn’t have it, we don’t either! After all, you want the best home baking with the only additive being love. 

Hi, I’m Rachael. Head baking-mix-mixer

It’s fantastic when I hear the fun people have and the confidence they gain when they take time out of their busy lives to slow down and relax with our easy home baking mix recipes. 

All they want is to get fantastic results with every recipe they bake without spending lots of time in the kitchen. 

I’m passionate about getting people baking again and want to help the want-to-be bakers gain confidence in their ability to bake. It’s time to make home baking easy again.

Baking mixes that make creating

fresh home baking quick and simple

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