Are natural ingredients always better?

March 31, 2022
natural baking

This is a question I’ve pondered on a fair amount – typically when I am scoffing down some ‘definitely not natural’ foods if I am being completely honest!

Naturally, natural ingredients are fresher than artificial ingredients which have a massive impact on flavour and taste. Fresh and seasonal foods have a lot more health benefits than artificial foods because, funnily enough – we have natural bodies! We need vitamins, minerals, macro- and micronutrients to live a zesty and optimal life and we can get all these things from the earths natural ingredients.

As time passes, natural ingredients deteriorate and lose a lot of that good stuff we need. But that is okay if we are consuming it before it gets to that stage right? Natural foods are meant to break down and return to the earth – that is just the nature of them (and us!) so when foods are forced to last longer – you know that it is not all-natural.

The main benefit of artificial foods is their long shelf life. Because of the chemical preservatives in them, some baked goods can last for months on end and still be moist and delicious – but what’s the trade off here? Our health. Many people experience adverse health effects when they consume too much, for example; food colourings have been shown to cause hyperactivity in kids.

Artificial additives can harm our health slowly and over a very long period of time. While one or two chemicals here and there in our diets won’t have much of an impact, if we are continuously consuming these excess amounts of salts, sugars and fats, what we are doing is causing a build up of toxins and unnatural chemicals inside our bodies that is harming us and can unfortunately lead to serious health diseases. So why not go natural at every chance you get?

Now don’t get me wrong here, I love a packet of tim-tams as much as the next person, all I am saying is go natural when you can! The more often the better, because who doesn’t want to be feeling great and full of energy everyday?

This is exactly why I am so passionate about our baking mixes! We think we’ve found a great and easy way for people to consume more natural ingredients because we want to make consuming healthier and natural baked goods significantly easier and more accessible for people so that no one has to make the trade off for health versus convenience.

So yes, natural is always better for our physical health, but sometimes, we just need the ease and convenience of a packet of biscuits.

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