Baking with kids

March 11, 2022
baking with kids

Home baking with kids is one of the best activities for family bonding! Coming together to create and make something that you can later sit and enjoy eating together are the root for some of my favourite memories as a family.

There are endless great reasons to get your kids involved in home baking! First and foremost – keeping them entertained! Not only does getting them involved help to strengthen their dexterity, stimulate their brains with weighing and measuring but it is also a safe way for them to learn to use the kitchen!

Home baking can teach kids important life skills such as following a recipe, working with others and focusing on one task at a time. Not to mention practising their fractions!

You can also take the time to explain what reactions are happening as food gets baked in the oven – lessons on how yeast works and how the molecules change can help to get the kids interested in baking you a cake!

In my opinion, baking is genuinely one of the best activities for all types of children. If you have hyperactive kids that thrive on excitement and stimulation – let them use the mixer! Then while the goods are baking – add extra soap to the water and get them doing all the dishes and cleaning the mess they probably made!

If your kids are the opposite and they enjoy reading and learning, let them measure everything out and follow a recipe step by step. You can even get them hand mixing if loud noises freak them out a bit!

If you’ve got some natural born leaders, put them in charge of the kitchen and get them to tell you what to do! Make it extra fun by following exactly what they say and see what happens 😉

Creating something, especially something delicious, can give all of us a real sense of accomplishment. Think about how good that makes you feel. How it gives you confidence that carries through to other areas of your life too. It’s the same with kids. Often children want to show that they can do ‘big-kid’ & ‘grown-up’ things so giving them that opportunity in a safe home environment can do absolute wonders for their confidence.

Baking for kids is made even easier with the Lots Of baking mixes because they can pretty much do it themselves! All you have to do is supervise (maybe extract a piece of eggshell or 2!) and pull the finished goods out of the oven. Easy, stress free and delicious cookies!

All going well, they’ll be cooking you dinner before you know it!

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