Is Home-baking Better?

February 24, 2022

Does home-baking take longer? Of course. Do you need to plan ahead a bit more? Naturally. Is it more expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Will my kids eat it? Hopefully! (Especially if they get involved in making it!)

Short answer; YES!

Here are my top 4 C’s of why home-baking is better than buying baked goods;

1. Control through Home-Baking

The main benefit of home-baking is that you know exactly what is going in your food. You know that the ingredients are fresh with no-nasties such as ‘powdered egg’, ‘fruit concentrate’ or stabilisers. Knowing it’s safe for your family to eat because you naturally only choose a recipe that fits the dietary needs whether that be dairy-/gluten-/nut-free.

With control over a recipe, you have peace of mind that no harmful chemicals are going into your or your family’s bodies. Plus – you can sneak in some veggies if you’re feeling extra adventurous!

2. Convenience Because of Home Baking

Baking some breakfast muffins or lunchbox cookies on the weekend can set you up brilliantly for the week ahead! Guilt-free too! Lots Of baking mixes make that triplely easy with less time and effort needed to whip up delicious goods on your Sunday evening!

Just ensure you store them in airtight containers! Although I promise there is no way they will last long enough to go off 😉

3. Connection from Home-Baking

Homely, familiar and wholesome. Home baking has long been a beautiful way to connect and spend time with your loved ones. Whether that is baking a classic family recipe that transports you, spending time getting just a little messy with the kids or taking a fresh batch of shortbread over to a friends house, home baking creates so many opportunities to connect.

As cheesy as it is – love is the secret ingredient! Who doesn’t love receiving some baked goods from a loved one? Better yet if you can sit and enjoy them together!

4. Confidence in Home-Baking

Now this I mean in 2 ways; 1, because of the control you have over the ingredients and the recipes, you can be confident that you’re filling yours and your family’s bodies with nourishing real and whole foods.

Number 2, home baking is a meditative process that can calm anxieties when you’re focused on the task. The gentle stimulation of the 5 senses and the act of creating something provides a sense of achievement and purpose. It’s an activity that can help strengthen your inner confidence, which I think we can all agree we need more of sometimes!

Home baking results in fresher, more delicious baked goods that are better for us and our families. Using pre-prepared baking mixes that are free of all the nasties is a brilliant step in that direction for everyone. They are extra suitable and convenient for busy people, young bakers and hungry mouths!

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