Cake and Cookie Mixes

Baking Mixes prepared in our kitchen to be baked fresh in yours – perfect for busy people!

This is the  can not go wrong  baking decision of your dreams with a perfect outcome every time. Just add a couple of wet ingredients to the baking mix, bake and enjoy.

Our Baking Mixes are an excellent choice

  • for busy people
  • for people learning to bake
  • for people that like to know the baking ingredients being served to family and friends

You follow old-fashioned cooking steps like creaming butter and sugar but without the time-consuming, sometimes messy, ingredient measure & pour – we’ve done that part for you.

Fantastic to have a couple always on hand in the pantry for the lunch boxes, the work shout, the birthday, the “thank you”, the unexpected visitors and the list goes on and on.